Investing in Real Estate

If you're looking to purchase investment property in the Fort Drum or  Watertown area, you need to call us first. Michael Siptrott is a retired, U.S. Army Master Seargent who has made multiple, and very successful, investment property purchases.  He is experienced in property investments for rental income and future sale dividends.  Our clients trust us with their investments because of our superb service, management history and knowledge of trends as they relate to the Fort Drum community. 

As an experienced property management firm, we understand the necessity for your property to be continually occupied by quality tenants and we offer a complete array of services to provide you with a responsible, hassle-free and profitable experience.  Conley's Rental Management is invested in the local real estate market so we know the current trends and we know the potential of this area well. You can feel confident about Conley's Rental Management

Before you buy a property your bank will require an inspection to ensure the structure is sound.  But what will ensure it is a wise investment?  Have you considered the following: Current property values (plus or minus deficiencies), comparable rents in the area, market trending, the truth of Fort Drum’s expansion and deployments?

You will be paying on your property for 20 – 30 years. Will your investment stand up to the test of a changing market? Call us before you buy and we can inspect the property for investment potential. We can answer questions like: will I have to put money into the home before I can attract quality tenants?
How much can I get for rents now versus after minor improvements, what about asbestos, should I     separate the utilities in my duplex?

All the above will affect your bottom line so if you can’t answer these on own, contact Conley’s for a free consultation.  We can inspect your property from an investors or tenants point-of-view and provide to you a detailed report concerning your options. 

Real estate is a hot market!  Don’t get burned!

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